Painting with Purpose

When considering what it would take to make Tender Mercies Foundation a success, we all knew that fundraising would play a very important role.  Without the help of others we knew that we wouldn’t be able to fulfill the purpose we set out for.  We knew that doing this would take a lot from us.  A lot of time.  A lot of effort.  A lot of ideas.

We knew it was worth it.

It wasn’t long before we were throwing out fundraiser suggestions though.  One of the first ideas was to have a painting party.  Lauren talked with Christine  Deshazo at Spectrum Graphics, Kyle Fager at Brews Brothers Taproom and Patty Koenig at Country Insurance.  Before we knew it a date was set, a to-list was created and we had our very first sponsor committed.  Christine had agreed to prepare the canvas’, provide the paint/brushes and teach all the participants how to paint their masterpiece.  Kyle agreed to let us use the lounge at Brew’s Brothers Taproom for the event and not only set it all up, but cleaned it as well.  Patty was our very first monetary sponsor.  She agreed to buy all the canvas’, drink tickets and food for the event.  The donations made by all three were huge and very, very appreciated.  More than they may ever know.

So, the invitation was posted on our Facebook page.  It took about 5 hours before we not only sold out, but had a waiting list formed.  We were shocked, but ever so happy.

With everything lining up perfectly we spent an evening meeting with Christine to chalk the outlines on the canvas’.  Talk about a blast.  We had a system in place between the four of us, whipping them out  one by one and unfortunately, it went all too quick.  We wanted to find reasons to stay just a bit longer.  Christine was the perfect hostess and made us feel so welcome.

The day of the event Patty started getting everything ready at the venue.  Kyle had already arranged the room so Patty, Lauren and Kelsey Blake were able to come in and start setting the tables, placing tablecloths over them and adding sweet touches like Hershey’s chocolate kisses for the girls to snack on.  She brought in so much food and she even had special drink tickets printed up for the girls to use.  She went way above and beyond.  Kyle showed us how to get music going and all we had to do was wait for the event to start.

As everyone arrived we had a chance to talk together and let them pick their seats and a picture to paint.  The mood was so good and we all truly appreciated each others company.  Unfortunately, at events like this someone should talk about the cause and what their participation means.  I think the three of us stalled and pointed at one another as long as we possibly could before someone had to say something and start the party.  I got the short end of the stick and as nervous as can be, introduced TMFSI and thanked everyone from coming.  There was emotion in my nerves and while I wish I could do it over and could have been a little more eloquent, everyone was curtious and respectful.  Thank you for that.  In hindsight, enough credit wasn’t given to our sponsors.  Thank you again Patty Koenig, Kyle Fager and Christine Deshazo.

Then, the painting began.

Each and every one of the pictures, while stenciled the same, were gorgeously different.  To walk around and watch each painting come to life in such unique ways, showing a piece of each of the artists, was an honor.  It is something to appreciate.  The diversity.  The appreciation of others ideas and styles.  The camaraderie.

In all, we were able to raise $985 for TMFSI that night but not without each one of you and our sponsors.  Thank you to anyone who participated or sent donations with friends.  Thank you Christine for sharing your talents and time.  Kyle, thank you for providing us such a wonderful place to gather and for the donation on top of it.  And, Patty, thank you so much for purchasing all of the canvas, drinks and food.  Together, we touched many lives not only that night, but many to come.

Stay tuned for “Painting with Purpose – Round II”  on August 21, 2015.  Until then, here are some photos taken from the event.




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