Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois (TMFSI) was created in 2015 by three long time friends affected by pregnancy and infant loss.  You can read about the individual stories that helped forge TMFSI on the Our Story page.

TMFSI has been built on the idea that, as David A Bednar so eloquently defined, tender mercies of the Lord are very personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving-kindnesses, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ.  This summarizes well the goal of TMFSI.  Below are some of the services we will offer with the support of others.

LULLABY GOWNS.  It is not easy to find a gown that can fit the micro babies heaven calls for.  Often times these babies are a pound, or less, and are barely the length of an adult hand.  Following the lead of others, TMFSI plans to turn donated wedding gowns into lullaby gowns for the newly born.  If you have yet to see what such a beautiful gown looks like, we would encourage you to explore these via the web and soon this website and our Facebook page.

MEMORY BOXES.  Much like when we lose someone we have had the blessing of knowing we treasure items that belonged to them.  We want to provide a quality memory box that each of the mothers and families are able to hold onto through time.  It is their choice on what to include in these boxes but often times you will find birth information, gifted items and pictures.  This is a box that each family is able to personalize to their experience.

IMPRESSION KITS.  No matter how big or small, having an impression of your child’s hand or foot when born is something always cherished.  TMFSI hopes to help supply the hospital(s) with special kits, made especially for such tender skin, so that such a gift can be available.

EMBROIDERED BIRTH INFORMATION.  There are many ways of remembering a childs birth information but we find that is nice to incorporate that into items such as blanket, stuffed animal, etc.  TMFSI will provide an keepsake to each mother along with a certificate good to have her babies birth information embroidered on it.  This is at no cost to the mother as all keepsakes are donated and the embroidery services are also donated.

BURIAL GUIDANCE AND GIFTS.  While TMFSI is just getting their feet wet and have not yet raised the funds to provide burial gifts as we hope to do in the future, we will be providing information to the families about participating funeral homes that are able to assist them in taking that next step in saying goodbye to their child(ren).  A brochure is being created that will contain each of the participating funeral homes and the services they offer.  One day, TMFSI hopes they are also able to help cover or contribute to the monetary costs of the burials.  This is not something that a family can often plan for, and sometimes does not have the means of providing.

REMEMBRANCE EVENTS.  Sometimes the best things we can do for one another is to just be present and acknowledge the loss and sorrow it brings.  There are times where fundraising is a good option to help support losses like these but there are also times where a supportive evening can benefit just the same.  While we will always welcome donations and monetary support, TMFSI would also like to take the time once or twice a year to remember heavens tiniest angels and their families.  These events will be free to everyone wanting to attend and will give the chance for the mothers and families to honor their child(ren).

EDUCATION ON ABORTION.  It is no secret that abortion is a very uneasy subject for many.  There are a wide range of opinions, experiences and assumptions that follow that topic.  TMFSI focuses on honoring children and it is our belief that a child is a child from conception.  It is not our duty to condemn or turn a shoulder to anyone that has had or plans to have an abortion.  However, we feel it is our duty to stand in front of those decisions with educational support.  Support coming in ways that connect us on an intellectual level as well as an emotional level.  We will soon expand on this topic on this website.

Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois does not bias against race or religion.  TMFSI is here to serve mothers and their families during what will surely be one of the hardest moments of their life.  We stand united, steadfast and supportive in our mission and welcome anyone who would like to join our team to contact us.

God bless.


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