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 Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois (TMFSI) is focused on assisting families during the hardest times of pregnancy, infant and child loss. Some of the ways we help those are by providing memorial items such as locally hand crafted wood memory boxes, impression kits, locally sewn burial gowns, camera/printer and necessary equipment to the nurses, a personalized “Edwin” elephant with baby’s birth information and more.  These items are given to the mothers while in the hospital or after a home delivery.  We also host remembrance events throughout the year which is to encourage a supportive community of mothers and families affected by such loss.  It is necessary to keep the conversation open in a safe place for those just experiencing a loss and those that are still healing in their loss(es).  There are many goals of TMFSI but we recognize we can only meet those goals with the assistance of community members and businesses like yourself. This is your chance to invest in a local not-for-profit organization that truly practices what it preaches and invests 100% of its donations into the organization and community. Today, with a donation, you can help us reach out to the community, enhance our programming, and really help to make the families life easier during what is possibly the worst time of their life.

DONATION LEVELS (per calendar year)

$0-$30 FAMILY SUPPORTER – At this level you have sponsored a family in need.  Your donation will supply one family with the memorial items presented to them while in the hospital or after a home delivery.

$100-$5000 EVENT SPONSOR – This will give you acknowledgement at one of our events as an event sponsorship and a social media acknowledgement of your donation.

$5,001+ TMFSI PARTNER – We believe that at this level you are a very strong supporter of TMFSI and will include your name/business as an event sponsor at every event within the calendar year donated, give a social media acknowledgement, permanent logo and business link on our website for the calendar year donated, and a free TMFSI t-shirt.

We can only hope that you will elect to support our mission and help us implement these programs and initiatives that are so desperately needed in our area. You can also donate online here or by visiting our Facebook page.  If you have any questions about what we do or whom we serve, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We want to get to know the generous donors who dedicate their time and/or money to our mission.

Autumn Doan, Lauren Martin and Kasey Fred, Directors

Autumn: (618) 521-7463

Lauren: (618) 203-8096

Kasey: (618) 924-0862


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