If it doesn’t scare you; it isn’t worth it. 

Or at least that is what we kept saying as we headed towards the local radio station to promote Tender Mercies and the upcoming remembrance event this morning.   If we are to be completely honest and transparent here, we are just learning how to speak at public events and in promotional situations.  It is not our second nature.  We are so very grateful for the opportunities to talk with others at our events and to thank guests for their attendance and also to offer a piece of what TMFSI has set out to do in its mission.  We are thankful for moments like this morning when we are able to reach thousands of people over the air to help encourage attendance at our events that are designed to support and lift those up that are grieving.  It does not escape us that we do have a long way to go with what may be considered a proper delivery of information, but we promise we are working on that.  In the meantime we will continue to pray, practice and put ourselves into these positions because no matter the delivery, the information is important.  It is truly more important then the nervous hands, butterfly stomachs and shy voices.  To help others is not something we are willing to second guess.  We will push and with God’s help, we will become more comfortable in this.  Until then, we ask for your grace and acceptance and encourage you to look past our nerves and open your heart to the mission of TMFSI.

These are the interviews aired 9/10/15:

News Radio WJPF

New Country Z100

Tender Lights 2015


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